Purchasing terms and conditions

1.1. Purchase Conditions apply to all services sold by DOCTEUR TWEETY to its customers, whatever the terms may appear on the client documents, and in particular conditions of purchase, of which these terms prevail in accordance with the provisions of Article L 441-6 of the Commercial Code, and relate the following services: Export Twitter List to an Excel Spreadsheet.

1.2. Any purchase of service DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST implies unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions to the customer.

1.3. Accordance with the regulations, these Terms and Conditions are systematically communicated to any customer who requests it. We may change the Terms at any time unilaterally, but the modifications will appear on the site DOCTEUR TWEETY. The modified Terms will apply to any DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST service, for any order passed after the new Purchase Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the conditions under which DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST provides the TwExlist service to customers.


These Conditions shall take effect on the date of service of the order for DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST and remain in force for the duration of services of DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST.


4.1. These Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between the company and the customer of DOCTEUR TWEETY, both parties accepting them without reservation. Any contrary condition not accepted by the company DOCTEUR TWEETY is inapplicable. The fact that the company DOCTEUR TWEETY does not claim any of these Terms cannot constitute a corporate waiver DOCTEUR TWEETY for later use.

4.2. The customer acknowledges having read, at the moment of purchase, the terms and conditions of sale stated on this screen and expressly accepts them without reservation.

4.3. These Terms and Conditions are expressly approved and accepted by the customer, who declares and admits having a perfect knowledge, and gives up, thereby the possibility to invoke any contradictory document, including his/her own general conditions of purchase which cannot be held against DOCTEUR TWEETY, even if the customer has full knowledge of Terms and Conditions.


5.1. The order is done online by entering the required data on the web site TWEETY TWEXLIST.

5.2. Validation of the order by the customer implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions without reservation. To validate the order, the customer must click the 'BUY NOW' after the order and tick 'I AGREE WITH THE TERMS OF USE' box.

5.3. The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is a mandatory requirement for exporting a Twitter list in Excel format.

5.4. An acknowledgment receipt will be sent to the email address entered in the order form. This acknowledgment receipt constitutes acceptance of the order and commits the transaction, subject to the agreement of the concerned bank payment center. In case of refusal from the center, the order will be cancelled. This electronic acknowledgment to the customer stores:

- Full name of customer
- Password
- Confirmation of the link (URL) of the Twitter list to export
- Validation of the payment
- No. of transaction

The Customer acknowledges that the data stored on the site serves as proof of the transaction.

5.5. An exported file is saved 3 months and is then deleted.


6.1. The services are provided at the current currency conversion rate. These prices are fixed and not subject to revision.

6.2. The available services are priced in euros and exclude VAT. Docteur Tweety supports Paypal fees (4% + €0.25 per transaction). All orders regardless of origin are payable in euros. The prices are :

Twitter list, Followers or Following
- Free for exportation of a list less than 50 Twitter accounts.
- Free for exportation of the 50 last Twitter accounts of a list more than 50 accounts. You are limited to 50 exports of this type.
- €0.99 for exportation of a list less than 200 Twitter accounts.
- €1.99 for exportation of a list less than 500 Twitter accounts.
- €2.99 for exportation of a list less than 1 000 Twitter accounts.
- €4.99 for exportation of a list less than 5 000 Twitter accounts.
- €6.99 for exportation of a list less than 10 000 Twitter accounts.
- €9.99 for exportation of a list less than 20 000 Twitter accounts.
- €13.99 for exportation of a list less than 50 000 Twitter accounts.
- €16.99 for exportation of a list less than 75 000 Twitter accounts.
- €19.99 for exportation of a list less than 100 000 Twitter accounts.
- €25.99 for exportation of a list less than 200 000 Twitter accounts.
- €32.99 for exportation of a list less than 300 000 Twitter accounts.
- €40.99 for exportation of a list less than 400 000 Twitter accounts.
- €49.99 for exportation of a list less than 500 000 Twitter accounts.
- €59.99 for exportation of a list less than 600 000 Twitter accounts.
- Beyond 600 000 accounts, please contact us.

List of Tweets
- Free for exportation of a list less than 50 Tweets.
- Free for exportation of the 50 last Tweets of the list. You are limited to 10 exports of this type.
- €0.99 for exportation of a list less than 200 tweets.
- €1.99 for exportation of a list less than 500 tweets.
- €2.99 for exportation of a list less than 1 000 tweets (For Timeline, DM, Favorites and Mentions Twitter authorizes to get only the last 800).
- €3.99 for exportation of a list less than 2 000 tweets.
- €4.99 for exportation of a list less than 3 200 tweets (maximum authorized by Twitter).

- €29.00 / 24-hour for unlimited number of exports for a single account.
- €99.00 / 12-month for unlimited number of exports for a single account.
- €199.00 / 12-month up to 15 exports maximum for any Twitter account.
- €99.00 / 1-day for unlimited number of exports for any Twitter account.
- €169.00 / 1-month for unlimited number of exports for any Twitter account.
- €399.00 / 12-month for unlimited number of exports for any Twitter account.

You can not unsubscribe. If you want to cancel the subscription we will not refund. However, if you are already subscribed and want to change your annual membership, you can just upgrade your subscription plan to higher during the first half time of your current subscription.

Get 20% discount off for only on-demand (single) export in exchange of sending this tweet
'I recommend www.twexlist.com. It is a highly useful tool.' from your Twitter account (limited to maximum 5 exports).

For exportations of a list which have more than 1 000 accounts or tweets, you will receive an email which shows a link for the list as soon as the Excel spreadsheet is ready.

An additional fixed amount of €5 per list is required if you want to plan the extraction and receive an email notification.

6.3. The price includes a single export list. If the client wishes to make multiple exports, the client must pay again.

6.4. Prices and payment terms are those indicated on the website when the user performs the transaction. DOCTEUR TWEETY reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Services are billed based on rates in effect at the time of registration of the order.

6.5. Data is archived for one month. After this time, you must resubmit a request for export your list if you want to download the file in the format of your choice.


7.1. The service is acquired by payment validation from DOCTEUR TWEETY or its claimant. In the case of non-payment, the service is stopped immediately.

7.2. Payment is made by credit card or Paypal, at the time of order.

7.3. Electronic payment by credit card is provided via an electronic payment terminal hosted on a secure server which ensures the security and validity of transactions. The customer bank account details are encrypted and are never transmitted to DOCTEUR TWEETY. Thus all personal data that is necessary to make the purchase are instantly scrambled. Therefore, it is impossible to read this data when it passes to the network. The web site has a security system which protects all data related to payment as effectively as possible.


8.1. DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST guarantees the export of Twitter member lists after payment.

8.2. DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST cannot be held responsible for any breach of its obligations which would originate in either a case of external events, including events disrupting communication or telecommunications, network failures, errors in coding files, electronics, software limitations, inability to obtain telecommunications services or government action ...

8.3. Therefore, DOCTEUR TWEETY cannot be held responsible for inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet, especially in case of service failure, external intrusion, computer viruses, or other fraudulent use or external events which may occur on the client computer space.

8.4. DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST does not guarantee the quality or content of the data provided on the exported list and in particular the elements found in the member information Twitter list containing components where DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST is neither the author nor the producer.

8.5. In the case of exporting Twitter lists in a country other than France, DOCTEUR TWEETY cannot be engaged in cases of non-compliance of the foreign country where the export is performed. Delivery of the service or product is the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer has to check with local authorities to confirm the possibility of use of the services intended for export.

8.6. DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the Customer, including loss of the exported list.


9.1. The company DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST declares that all personal information concerning clients contained in the registration form is confidential and is used only for trading and, if necessary, for the marketing of products published by the company DOCTEUR TWEETY.

9.2. In the context of requirements and in strict compliance with the legal provisions of the French law, the Customer authorizes DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST to identify and disclose such information if required by the authorities.

9.3. DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST may diffuse special offers to the email address specified during registration.

9.4. DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST is engaged to not your Twitter account :
  • To tweet on your behalf,
  • To update your user profile,
  • To send direct message on your behalf.

9.5. DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST is authorized to send a tweet mentioning your twitter account for each usage of the service « @yourscreenname Thank you for using our tool http://www.twexlist.com to export and save #twitter data. ». DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST is also authorized to show the picture + the screenname + the country associated with your Twitter account in the section « Who are the latest users of the service? ».


For these general conditions, all consequences of use of the site and the rights and obligations shall be governed and construed in accordance with French law. Any dispute concerning the conclusion, interpretation, performance of these terms and conditions shall be subject to jurisdiction of the French courts.


11.1. When the contract is concluded between parties of different nationalities or executed fully or partly in foreign soil, the contract follows the law where the headquarters of DOCTEUR TWEETY are based.

11.2. This contract is governed by French law.


12.1. Content data and information provided by DR TWEETY TWEXLIST, all texts, images, sounds and illustrations contained on the site are the exclusive property of DOCTEUR TWEETY. According to the provisions of Article L.122-5, paragraph 2 of the Code of Intellectual Property, copies or reproductions shall be non-exclusive, strictly reserved for private use and not intended for collective use or commercial means.

12.2. Content of the data and information provided by customers on the feedback, disseminating observations or comments on the site, the customer accepts that they can be read or used by DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST or any other customer of the site and accordingly waives any claim or claim on this point as the author.

12.3 The published information exchanged between the client and DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST, via the site features, or DOCTEUR TWEETY TWEXLIST to its destination email address have evidential value in case of dispute.


If for any reason that any provision of these terms and conditions should be declared inapplicable, such inapplicability shall not affect the other provisions of the general conditions, thus parts considered inapplicable can be replaced by a most equivalent ruling if possible.


14.1. DOCTEUR TWEETY company reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time, the present purchasing terms and conditions. The new terms will be made known to the customer by online modification and will be applicable upon publication.

14.2. The Terms may be subject to change, users are encouraged to consult these terms regularly.


The Customer acknowledges to not have the right to retract a confirmed transaction. DOCTEUR TWEETY will not commit to refund or exchange any Twitter list.